Established in 2020, DRIMCo GmbH operates as an AI SaaS startup headquartered in Munich. Our focus is to digitize and analyze industrial requirement requirement analysis in documents (Tenders, RFQ, RFP, etc.) using AI and NLP technologies. With a team comprising leading AI experts, seasoned researchers, consultants, and developers worldwide, we strive to enhance enterprise quotation processes and regulatory analysis. Through our advanced AI DRIM product, we aim to boost revenue margins, reduce costs, and mitigate risks for businesses.

Federated intelligence for industrial document analysis

Being the project lead, DRIMCo contributes in the following ways:

  1. Building intelligent document analysis services in privacy-preserving environments, such as Federated Learning, also known as “Cloud-edge AI Rooms.”
  2. Playing a key role in shaping industrial use cases specifically designed for document management, such as Tender analysis and data acquisition.
  3. Participating in the creation of Federated AI demonstrations that replicate high-level industry applications using cloud-edge “AI Rooms.”
  4. Engaging in academic research endeavors across document analysis, layout analysis, document representation learning, and knowledge extraction within the Federated Learning framework.



Dr. Pankaj Gupta

Principal Investigator (OpenFLaaS)