Goethe University

With 48,000 students and more than 500 professors, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main is one of the largest universities in Germany. In recent years, Frankfurt’s Department of Medicine has made large efforts to achieve a top position in research and teaching and now enjoys a high international reputation for its research foci. One focus is the interdisciplinary collaboration with the Institute of Computer Science, also illustrated by several professorships located at both departments and working at the interface between machine learning and medicine (e.g. Machine Learning in Oncology). Other research interests include Machine Learning & Computational Neuroscience, Safe Cyber-Physical Systems & Security, High Performance Computing, and Bioinformatics.


Federated machine learning for sustainable and trustworthy cloud-edge AI.

The overall goal of the subproject is to develop a package of algorithms for implementing and evaluating trustworthy federated learning methods. In particular, we will pursue three interconnected aims. 

1. Continuous learning: decentralized AI techniques that perform life-long learning and preserve privacy.

2. Drift and bias handling in AI: reliable estimates of prediction uncertainty via calibrated predictions

3. Application diagnosis: classification of skin lesions.



Prof. Dr. Florian Büttner